A- Ordinary Membership

And maintaining a paid- up by official authorities provided it fulfills the following conditions:

1- To fill the application form attaching all required documents.

2- To have the appropriate staff to perform these tasks.

3- Its general manager must have an experience for at least ten years and be of good conduct and behavior.

4- The company must have an appropriate office supplied with all the necessary means.

5- To be approved by the association’s board following the recommendation of the membership committee.

6- In order to approve the application , it must be supported by two registered ordinary members at Jordanian Logistics association with one year at loast.

7- The nature of business of the ordinary member must not be of a commercial nature eg imports, exports, agencies and others that does not constitute a conflict of interest with the freight forwarders profession.

8- All shipping and logistics services companies and the duly licensed offices which are members in the Amman chamber of commerce are entitled to apply to the Jordanian logistics association.

9- The entity wishing to apply for membership in the association shall do so by completing a special application prepared for such purpose, accompanied by a photocopy of the company’s and/or establishment’s certificate of Registration, a copy of its professions license and a certificate from the companies control department of the ministry of industry and trade stating the names of the authorized signatories on behalf of the company or establishment wishing to join, provided that the association’s board shall render a resolution accepting or rejecting the application within 30 days from the date of submission, and in the event of rejection , the applicant is entitled to object to such rejection before the general assembly within three months from the date of the resolution, provided further , that general assembly shall decide the issue during its annual meeting , whose decision shall be final and binding upon the association.

10- The applicant, whose application was rejected, may challenge such decision before the minister within thirty days from being so notified, the minister shall be entitled to revoke and/or ratify such decision whose decision shall be final and may not be challenged further.

11- The association’s board may, at its discretion, agree to grant any natural person an executive support membership status provided that he had unconditionally supported and assisted the association and assisted the association’s board in running and managing the association’s business.

B- Honorary membership

The general assembly may, upon the recommendation of the association’s board, grant honorary membership to any corporate or natural person who shall have rendered valuable and useful services to various types of the freight forwarding industry of substantially helped to association to achieve its object.

C- Executive Support Membership

The associations’ board may, at its sole discretion, grant Executive Support Membership to individuals who have unconditionally supported and assisted the Association particularly the Executive Board, in running and managing the Association.